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You Asked, We Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide disabled access?

We can fit wheelchair compatible doors and access ramp and adapt interior/bathroom if required (environmental OT assessment can be completed to meet your needs)

Can I choose colours of interior and exterior?
Yes, of course. We can discuss your wishes when ordering.

Yes, of course. We can discuss your wishes when ordering.

Do we need any site preparation before the hut is delivered?

The site should be well drained and firm level ground if at all possible. 2’’flagstones are ideal to sit the wheels on so that the hut does not sink into the ground over time.

What if our hut is damaged during delivery? 

Blackdene Shepherd Huts only use fully insured haulage. If there is any damage whatsoever, it will be made good.

What if my site for the shepherd’s hut is difficult to access?

It is vital that you have an accessible and prepared site. We can advise and even help you with this if necessary (There may be an additional cost).

Can I move my Blackdene Shepherd’s Hut?

Yes, you certainly can. That’s the beauty of a shepherd’s hut – it can either be loaded onto a trailer or low loader for transport over distance on public roads or moved over a limited distance on its own wheels (it is not roadworthy), using man power, a 4x4 or small tractor, etc.
Of course, if you move house -  you can take it with you!

What maintenance is needed to keep my shepherd’s hut good as new?

The exterior cladding is tanalised, which has a 15 year rot guarantee. However, we have given it two coats of Ronseal colour for extra protection and aesthetics. We would suggest you add another coat at least every 5 years. The chassis has two coats of Hammerite black. At the first signs of scratches or rust, we would advise to make good again. The oak worktop and table will need oiling at least once a year to keep its beauty and protect them.

Do we need planning consent?

Blackdene Shepherd’s Huts are not qualified to advise. You should contact your local planning department if in any doubt.  However, it is our understanding that Planning Consent is not required to locate a Shepherds Hut on your private land as it comes under the mobile home clause.  A change of use may be required (for the land it is sited on if, for example, you were to run a business from the hut).

What if I am not satisfied with blackdeneshepherdshuts?

Blackdene Shepherd's Huts endeavour to provide exceptional customer service. However, if you have any problem with your shepherd's hut, please get in touch in the first instance so we can address your concerns as soon as possible 

Can I use my Blackdene Shepherd’s Hut in the winter?damage from sub zero temperatures.

You can use it all year round! It is fully insulated and watertight.
The multifuel stove is highly efficient and will keep you snug even when it’s blizzarding and - 10 outside!
Waterpipes should be lagged and if the hut is left over the winter, the water supply should be turned off and the gas boiler drained to avoid any damage from sub zero temperatures.

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